Exploring Seville when staying in Marbella. Seville, the city that fascinates the world!

Seville, located at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, is the capital of Andalusia and one of the most populated cities in Spain. It still retains the characteristics of its ancient Moorish inhabitants in its buildings and monuments and boasts the largest old quarter in Spain. Now, we will give you an overlook of this beautiful city you must visit!

The Guadalquivir River, its museums and parks, the traditional tapas, and cocktail bars move to the beat of flamenco music, which gives a glimpse of Seville's passionate and joyful spirit.

Walking through the streets of Triana, visiting the monuments of the Santa Cruz neighborhood, or taking a stroll through the María Luisa park are the best way to connect with its most deeply-rooted traditions, understand its daily folklore and become infected by the Andalusian energy.

In March and April, the city's two most essential festivities take place: the religious Semana Santa (Holy Week), where you can see the processions of 70 different brotherhoods; and the Feria de Abril (April Fair), a festival that dresses the city with stalls, flamenco dancing and live music, and where you can breathe the essence of Seville in all its splendor.


What to do in Seville?

The first thing you should do when you visit Seville is to take a stroll through the historic center to get in touch with the particular beauty of this city. Once you have a general idea of how it is laid out, visit the Cathedral. It is one of the most spectacular examples of Gothic architecture in Europe. Then climb the Giralda for one of the best views of Seville's old town.

La Giralda

The Giralda is the bell tower of Seville Cathedral. It is perhaps one of the most recognizable towers in the world for its distinctive profile, which inspired many other works of art and monuments. It was the tallest tower in Spain for a long time, and even in Europe, as at 97.5 m, it surpassed the Tower of Pisa (55.8 m) and even Big Ben (96.3 m).

Once you've finished with the Cathedral, head to the Real Alcázar of Seville, a complex of palaces that, during the Muslim era, was the residence of the governors. Take a stroll through its courtyards, halls, and gardens and marvel at the Mudejar, Moorish, Gothic and Baroque architecture. Pay special attention to the Alcazar Gardens. The Mercury Pond, for example, is lovely, as well as the Garden of the Ladies. If you like Game of Thrones, you will recognize this view; some scenes were filmed here to recreate Dorne.

Discover the myths and legends of Seville by strolling through its narrow streets at night with a guide who will tell you some mysterious stories, as well as some paranormal events that are still unexplained.

Stroll through the Triana Market, located in the heart of the neighborhood and still standing since 1823, although it has been modernized over time without losing its essence. Don't miss it, in cities like Seville, the city is appreciated by its people and customs, and what better than a market to see how they live and the typical gastronomic products of the area.

Get to know Seville's Torre del Oro, one of the city's emblems. It stands on the banks of the Guadalquivir and is an authentic example of Moorish architecture from the Almohad period. While we're on the subject of strolling around Seville, the best neighborhood to do so is Santa Cruz; cobbled streets, tiny squares, taverns, etc. This neighborhood perfectly defines the bohemian spirit of Seville. Did you know that Seville is home to Velázquez's house? You can find it on Calle Padre Luis María Llop. You can only see it from the outside, but curiously, this house also belonged to Victorio & Lucchino.



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