Rental listings in Marbella – Hotel versus Condo

Planning your vacation is a tricky affair because you have to consider many variables like the purpose of the trip, budget allocations, amenities on offer, the number of individuals on vacation, and so much more. These variables guide you on the type of accommodation you will obtain, either a condo or a hotel.

The following piece will cover significant differences between a hotel and a condo to give you an idea of what to expect when you rent either of the two.


A hotel offers rentals for tourists traveling on a short-term basis. Mostly, they are ideal if you are traveling to many destinations in a given duration. Whether you are attending a wedding, meeting, function, conference, or a brief vacation, they will sufficiently cater to your needs.

Hotels provide access to entertainment, fine dining, and exclusive amenities.


A condo offers rentals for individuals traveling on a long-term basis. They incorporate state-of-the-art amenities, increased entertainment, privacy, isolated luxury, and mind-blowing experiences for tourists looking to relax.

So what are the differences between a hotel and a condo?

1. Location

Hotels get set near popular areas, close to airports, businesses, or railway stations. On the other hand, condos are mostly set on the outskirts of renowned cities, incorporating stunning views amid natural surroundings.

2. Privacy

An average hotel room measures only 350 square feet, while a condo measures 900 square feet and above. There is no limitation of space when it comes to condos. Therefore, hotels are ideal for individuals traveling alone or as a couple. 

On the other hand, condos feature separate dining and living rooms. You can travel with your family and friends and still find ample space to settle. You get more room to walk around as you enjoy unique designs.

A couple traveling with their families can achieve privacy because the rooms are separate. You won’t get uninterrupted quality time when staying in a hotel.

3. Activities

Condos have a wide range of activities to try out regardless of the number of people accompanying you. You get to enjoy outside grills, restaurants, clubhouses, swimming pools, golf courses, and spas. Most of them have separate activities for kids or adults. Chances of getting bored are limited.

On the other hand, although some hotels feature swimming pools and restaurants, there are limited amenities. You won’t find a wide range of activities to try out because you stay overnight or for a short duration.

4. Services

Services differ between a hotel and a condo. When you rent a condo, you are responsible for upkeeping and housekeeping. You, therefore, spend more money for things to run smoothly. 

For hotels, you get exclusive access to; housekeeping, check-in services, room service, and maintenance services. All these services get incorporated into the total cost.

5. Cost

The most distinguishing feature between hotels and condos is the price. Condos cost less, depending on the location compared to hotels. Most hotels attract high demand and therefore accrue high prices. On the other hand, the rental amount for a condo gets regulated because you stay for long durations.

However, some condos tend to be expensive if they are within tourists hotspots like beaches, restaurants, and historic sites.


From the above differences, you now have a clear understanding of what to expect when you rent a condo or a hotel. Marbella boasts of some of the most exclusive hotels and condos, and you will surely get spoilt for choice. Visit this tourist haven, and get the most out of your tour.


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