Making the Most Out Of Your Weekend Getaway in Marbella

Ever found yourself bored with nothing to do when you embark on a weekend getaway? Such a waste of money and resources, right? Well, Marbella is no such place. Visit this tourist landmark and get a wide range of venues and activities to try out, such as touring the beaches, exclusive shopping, international and local delicacies, rich culture and traditions, and so much more. 

Here is how to spend your weekend getaway in Marbella.

Visit Bounty Beach

Spending your weekend getaway on the beach is always priceless, and there is no better way than visiting Bounty beach – one of the most renowned beaches in Marbella. Commonly referred to as Playa del Cable, the beach sets out close to La Bajadilla Marina. It stretches out 1500 meters, giving you ample space to enjoy the cold breezes of the sea and the ever relaxing sunlight.

The ideal time to tour the beach is in the evening when joggers, water sport enthusiasts, and volleyball players gather for an evening excursion. Beach restaurants are pocket-friendly, all complemented by showers and public toilets.

The beach is ideal for photo shoots, glare into the history of Marbella, and couples and families. 

Marbella's Old Town Takes You Back In Time.

Popularly known as Casco Antiguo de Marbella – an ancient town in Marbella, this incredible came into life in the 15th century. Find it on the northern side of Alameda Park, right in the city center. 

Spend your weekend getaway in Marbella viewing winding streets, historic buildings,distinct Andalusian architecture, and an array of incredible restaurants complemented by boutiques. Get the guarantee of having something to see and enjoy in every corner.

Try the delicious Paella in the old town.

Touring Marbella and leaving without enjoying Paella – an iconic Spanish delicacy is a major miss out. Originally from Valencia, this dish will leave your taste buds buzzing. It features rice, meat, seafood, saffron, and vegetable. 

Visit old town and you will find paella in major restaurants like Tempora Restaurante, El Patio and Restaurante El Cortijo. Take your family or partner as they will cherish every bite.

Must Visit – Paseo Maritimo

Paseo Maritimo boasts as one of the liveliest places in Marbella. It is a seaside walk from Puerto Deportivo de Marbella to Puerto Banus. It stretches close to 7km. You and your partner get to enjoy the thrill of taking a stroll through tapas bars, restaurants, and boutiques as you view the picturesque beach views.

The whole journey takes approximately two hours, giving the ultimate platform to tour the entire Paseo Maritimo. View distinct landmarks like the African Coast and Marbella lighthouse.

The above places are just a recap of what Marbella offers in abundance. There is so much more to see. You can also visit the following destinations to get the most of your weekend getaway in Marbella.

  • Plaza de los Naranjos for a taste of Marbella history and capture amazing photos.
  • Avenida del Mar for a museum-like evening stroll
  • Shop at La Canada – features over 300 shops that include supermarkets and international brands like Apple, Primark, Zara, and Hugo Boss.
  • Our Lady of the Incarnation. It has been in place since the 17th century. Enjoy spectacular statues and paintings.
  • Visit Old Town and enjoy Tapas with – local delicacy, alongside a glass of wine.
  • If you are a party enthusiast, Puerto Banus is just the place for you. Party like is no tomorrow in one of the most famous night spots.


There is no doubt that spending your weekend getaway in Marbella is the best option there is currently. Time will fly by, and you will be surprised at how fast time passes by. Visit Marbella and create life-lasting memories.


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